Welcome to Fraktal

The Utility Layer for NFTs

Fraktal Unlocks the value of NFTs for all participants in the Ecosystem.


Artists can easily and securely work on collaborative pieces with multiple creators and all share in the ownership, royalties, and other income that comes with NFT ownership. In addition, all royalties are paid on-chain in a transparent and secure method to ensure payments are not lost in a ‘black hole’ as is very common in the current creative industry.


Collectors benefit from instant liquidity from NFT AMM implementations of the Fraktal Protocol. In addition, the new auction style format created by Fraktal which allows NFT owners to sell pieces or full amounts of their NFTs to a broad community in an uncapped ICO-style sale where every participant receives a piece is anticipated to vastly increase the value of NFTs as seen with the PleasrDAO Doge NFT . This format, paired with traditional fixed-price sales, enables collectors to benefit from liquidity without having to part ways with their full NFT. They can simply sell pieces of it when they require any liquidity.

Investors and Degens

A whole new wrold of NFTs is open to Investors and Degens. Fraktal Protocol creates on-chain pricing and liquidity which unleashes countless use cases to monetize idle NFT collections, ranging from DeFi, Yield Farming, custom AMMs, and tons of new innovation potential to build crazy, new NFT monetization schemes. We are extremely excited to see the developments in this space.


The Fraktal Ecosystem consists of the Fraktal Protocol, native governance token (FRAK), and the Fraktal DAO. Fees from protocol usage are awarded to Stakers of FRAK which retains value within the ecosystem.

Getting Started

Fraktal Marketplace is launching in Spring 2022. In the mean time, play around on Rinkeby.

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