FRAK is the native governance token of the Fraktal Ecosystem.

The Fraktal DAO Token (FRAK) is an erc20 native token used to govern the ecosystem. By staking FRAK, users receive voting power in the Fraktal DAO and earn ETH from protocol transaction fees.

FRAK has a variety of use cases including:

  • Voting Power in Fraktal DAO

  • Staking to earn ETH via Protocol Transaction Fees

  • Incentivizing Trading Volume

It is initially distributed via an NFT Ecosystem Airdrop and a Community Launch Program at the launch of the Fraktal Marketplace. After launch, it continues to be emitted via Trading Rewards to offset gas costs and liquidity incentives.

A total of 40% of FRAK are allocated at launch with the remaining 60% governed by the community via the Fraktal DAO.

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