Fractionalize NFT

Fraktal enables any NFT to be fractionalized into 10,000 Fraktions (erc-1155 tokens). Since erc-1155 does not support decimals, each Fraktion is made up of 10 ^ 18 fei, so the total supply is 10,000 * 10 ^ 18.

To fractionalise an NFT already in your wallet, simply go to your portfolio page and select the 'Frak it' button, which will trigger a metamask transaction to begin the process.

This process locks the 1/1 NFT into a smart contract and mints 10,000 Fraktions. To redeem the native NFT there are two options.

  1. If you own all 10,000 Fraktions, you can burn the Fraktions by transferring them back to the contract and then are able to claim the native NFT. This can be done by selecting the DeFrak button on the NFT page.

2. If you do not own all 10,000 Fraktions, then you can conduct a buy-out to retrieve the native NFT in exchange for ETH. Learn more about the buy-out process here.

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