As part of the Fraktal Marketplace launch, 150,000,000 FRAK (15% of total supply) will be airdropped to active NFT users. 10% is allocated based on trading volume and 5% to launch partners based on participation in making launch a success. Read on to see how you can receive your FRAK.

NFT Trading Eligibility

Eligibility is based on activity on OpenSea during 2021 (from Ethereum Block 12642194 on 16th Jun 2021 to Block 13812868 on 16th Dec 2021).

ETH Traded

FRAK Per Wallet

Total Wallets




=>250 to 1000



=>120 to 250



=>60 to 120



=>35 to 60



=>20 to 35



=>10 to 20



=>6 to 10



=>3 to 6




Bob bought an NFT worth 1.5 ETH on Opensea in September 2021 and sold 3 ETH of his own creations in November. Bob has a total volume of 4.5 ETH during the snapshot window and will receive 126 FRAK in the airdrop.

Alice Aped into NFTs hard with 150 ETH in April 2021, but remained inactive since then and is hodling like a true crypto queen. Unfortunately she is not eligible for the airdrop since the trading occurred outside of the snapshot window.

But don't worry, if you're like Alice and didn’t trade on OpenSea during the snapshot period, or never used OpenSea at all - Good for you! There are still many ways to get involved in launch and earn FRAK. The Fraktal Community Launch Partner Drop will be announced soon.

How to Claim If you are eligible for the airdrop, the process to claim is simple. Users just need to fractionalize and list an NFT on the Fraktal marketplace in either a fixed-price or auction style sale and all their tokens are unlocked and available immediately to stake, provide liquidity, or throw deep in cold storage.

Claiming the Airdrop will only be available for 10 days after launch.

Claiming Steps A detailed guide will be released with the launch of FRAK and the Fraktal marketplace. In the mean time, you can join the airdrop community list to be notified of any updates and earn Bonus Tokens.

FRAK Token Contract FRAK is not currently live. The ERC20 token address will be updated here at launch.

Launch Partner Eligibility

In addition to the FRAK airdrop for active NFT traders, 50,000,000 FRAK (5% of Supply) will be distributed to launch partners of the Fraktal Marketplace.


While trading NFTs over the past year demonstrates interest in the NFT space, not everyone who is active in the space trades frequently or uses OpenSea. This drop is designed to reward everyone in the ecosystem who wants to participate in launching Fraktal. The model ensures no one is excluded, which is the vision of Fraktal - to enable everyone to participate in the NFT space.

Who Qualifies as a Launch Partner?

Everyone! From the Hype Monsters — influencers, shillers, twitter trolls, to NFT communities, DAOs, artists, collectors, and anyone else who wants to participate and help in the launch in any way.

Join in 2 Simple Steps

Step 1: Choose your level of participation

The True OG — If you help make Fraktal’s launch successful, you will be rewarded tenfold. This is for people who really want to be all about Fraktal.

The Content Mogul — make a youtube video and promote it on your channel and earn a fat stack of FRAK

The Lazy Influencer — have a big following, but can’t be bothered to do much more? Just tweet about Fraktal and it’ll probably be the most profitable tweet of your life.

Artists & Collectors — You’re the backbone of the Fraktal Ecosystem, the reason why we built Fraktal, and we want you to own a piece of the protocol by owning FRAK. Share a piece you created to list on launch day and you’ll benefit from receiving FRAK in addition to ETH from the sale of your NFT Fraktions.

NFT Communities & DAOs — let’s get funky and do some airdrops within the airdrop. Have a kickass NFT community or part of a killer DAO? Talk to us, and let’s design something cool to engage your community and reward them for their work.

Step 2: Join the Fraktal Discord and introduce yourself and we’ll help you get things rolling.

For everyone else who may not fit into one of these categories, but wants to participate. A great way is helping spread awareness on social media. Join the launch community and follow the instructions to earn your share of FRAK.

Want to contribute but don’t see your skills listed above? Just reach out to us on discord and we’ll get you hooked up.

Distribution & Vesting Schedule

up to 10k FRAK will follow standard airdrop claim process. List an NFT at launch to claim.

10k - 100k FRAK will be streamed via sablier. With no cliff and 1 year vesting. I.e stream will start at launch.

1m+ FRAK will vest over 3 years.

Team Tokens will vest over 4 years.

FRAK, now what do I do with these tokens after the airdrop?

Stake FRAK to earn ETH

pageStaking FRAK

Earn FRAK by Trading

pageTrading Rewards

Provide Liquidity and receive FRAK Rewards

pageLiquidity Incentives

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