Initial Distribution

FRAK will be distributed via an NFT Ecosystem Airdrop at the launch of the Fraktal Marketplace. There are many ways to be eligible.

NFT Trading Volume Users who were highly active on OpenSea will receive FRAK based on their volume during a period of time in 2021. If you didn’t use OpenSea, congrats! There are still ways for you to receive FRAK.

Community Launch Partners For NFT OGs, who love everything about NFTs and actively contribute to the growth of the ecosystem but may not have a high trading volume (or boycotted OpenSea), the community launch partner program rewards everyone from artists, collectors, shillers, advocates, you name it! To get involved join the Fraktal Discord and ask about joining.

Additional ways to receive FRAK

After launch of the Fraktal Marketplace and the conclusion of the airdrop and community launch partner drop, there are still several ways to continuously earn FRAK.

Trading Rewards To offset gas costs on Ethereum, FRAK will be distributed each day to those with any trading volume on the Fraktal Marketplace.

Provide Liquidity Add liquidity into the FRAK-ETH pool on uniswap and stake your UNI V2 FRAK-ETH LP Tokens. For 1 Million blocks, 50 FRAK will be distributed each block to liquidity providers.


55% of tokens will be allocated at launch of the Fraktal Marketplace and released over a period of 3 years. The remaining 45% will be held in full control of the community via the Fraktal DAO.

Launch (55%)

  • (15%) Investors

  • (10%) team (with 4 year vesting)

  • (15%) Airdrop

  • (10%) Trading Rewards

  • (5%) LP Rewards

Community (45% held in Fraktal DAO where the community has full control over how to distribute the remaining tokens)

Some ideas include:

  • Future Airdrops

  • Investment

  • Development

  • Additional Liquidity Incentives

  • Community Contests

  • etc.

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