Fraktal DAO is a tool to ensure the community controls the Fraktal Protocol. Often value is extracted from companies by external investors, which adversely affects its users. The Fraktal DAO puts the community at the forefront of all key decisions of the Fraktal Protocol, and most importantly in control of all the ecosystem value (FRAK treasury, collected fees, fundraised capital, etc.). This is designed to retain value within the ecosystem and have the users of Fraktal be in full control of its future.

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Core Functions of Fraktal DAO

  • Manage Ecosystem Value

This means that any decision related to the distribution of FRAK and allocation of any other digital assets held within the DAO is up to the community.

  • Controlling Protocol Contracts

This gives users the ability to Update Fee structures or any other contract parameter and execute contract upgrades.

Community in Control

By putting the community in control of the Value and Technology of Fraktal Ecosystem, it ensures that no single person can have a major averse effect by acting maliciously.

In addition to earning fees, those who stake FRAK receive voting power in the Fraktal DAO.

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