The contract is modified version of Open Zeppelin implementation of ERC-1155. Functions:

Admin functions

  • Sets fee for splitting the NFT. The fee has to be more than 0 and less than 1000, negative fee is not acceptable.

  • Split payment function - only owner can withdraw fees.

  • Withdraw of the accumulated fees can inly be done by the Owner of the NFT.

  • Upgrade wallet adddress using sendValue function

Users functions

  • Pays out to msgSender address -> user who sends request to get paid

  • transfer function

  • index of fractionalised NFTs by addresses

  • FraktalNFT token address calls out the address whete the unlock shares transfer is being made

  • buy fractions of NFT, this function describes buying process of the NFT sale, it’s listing, buy proce, fee per fraction, buy price, index oof addreses, how many shares each address has

  • buyFraktions - buying function where contract buys from tokenAddress, there has to be listed how many shares are going to be transferred and tokenAddress. The listing gets marked as “item sold” when number of shares won’t be available.

  • Listing NFT (item) functions which allows NFT to get listed on Fraktal NFT marketplace. Requires fraktions index - how many items are available for franctionalising, ie how many items of the NFT itself are available for sale. The fraction will be listed as “item sold” after there won’t be any fractions left in the contract. (156-157). In order to get fraction of NFT listed, it requires to contain: token address, price, number of shares - fractions of the NFT itself available for sale

  • Export fraktal - fraction of NFT can be defractionalised ie “put together” if the fraktions index is set to 1000

  • Make offer - allows user to make offer on the fraction of the NFT

  • Vote offer - offer on the NFT and it’s fractions can be voted on

  • claim Fraktal - user can claim fraction of the NFT

  • Getter functions - returns value of the contract - getFee,getListingPrice,getListingAmount,getSellerBalance,getOffer

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