Submitting Proposal Criteria

Validation (who can submit a proposal): Anyone Threshold (minimum FRAK staked to submit proposal): 1,000 FRAK

Voting (Total Voting Period = 4 days)

Delay (time after submitting proposal before voting begins, so people can discuss and research anything): 1 day Voting Period (time vote is active): 3 days Quorum (min number of votes for proposal to be valid, i.e even if yes but less than quorum, proposal would not pass): 10 million FRAK

Reality.eth Exeucting on-chain

Timeout (How long people will have to correct incorrect responses after they are posted.): 1 day Cooldown (time after timeout period ends to open a dispute and send to arbitrator): 1 day Expiration (time to execute transaction after cooldown ends): 7 days Bond (amount to put down to validate the snapshot result, is refunded if passed, and anyone can double amount to change answer if dispute): 0.1 ETH Arbitrator (If dispute arises and community cannot come to an agreement) Kleros

Total time to pass vote and execute = 6 days 1-day Delay for people to review vote and discuss 3-days Active Voting 1-day reality.eth approval 1-day cooldown on reality.eth (where dispute can be filed)

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