If you have already fractionalized an existing NFT, you can list the Fraktions for sale directly from your portfolio page by clicking the 'sell fraktions' button.

Otherwise, you can mint, fractionalise, and list the NFT all in one step from the List NFT page.

Go through the same process as minting an NFT and select the box that says 'sell fraktions'

For total price input the total amount of ETH you want to receive.

In the Total Amount Box input the number of Fraktions you want to sell.

In this example, 8,000 Fraktions (80%) of this meebit are being sold for 10 ETH. Buyers can purchase as little as 1 Fraktion at a time, which each cost 0.001 ETH in this case.

This process Mints an NFT, Fractionlizes it into 10,000 Fraktions, and lists some (or all) of those Fraktions for sale, while the user retains the remaining amount in their wallet. In this example, the user is selling 8,000 Fraktions and retains 2,000 Fraktions (20%) in their wallet.

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